Lights Patio by Pae White, Jorge Pardo, Tobias Rehberger

2018 – 2020



Pae White: neon tubes, wire

Jorge Pardo: powder coated steel, coloured PET-G, lightbulb

Tobias Rehberger: steel and 3d-printed plastic, spray painted and coloured HPL, lightbulb


The artists represented at Klubhaus have created not only coloured tile patterns but also light installations. The Lights Patio were a collaborative effort on the part of Pae White, Jorge Pardo and Tobias Rehberger. 


Zurich, Klubhaus

With my various forms of artistic output: sculptures, industrial objects and handcrafted articles, I explore the wider sphere of structural design and architecture, thriving on chance connections and unexpected encounters.
Tobias Rehberger

The artists complement the patio of the restaurant space on the upper floor of the Klubhaus. Surrounded by open air, green backgrounds and the lake side not far away, the light composition blends into a versatile outdoor space. The multifaceted composition of the outside environment also relates to the formation of this artwork, characterised as it is by the different signatures of its creators' merging into a coherent whole. The formerly individual pieces create a dialogue, which prevents them being viewed separately.

It is a process of selecting colours, understanding the space and how to get a relationship between the colours in the lamps and the colours in the tiles across the Klubhaus building.
Jorge Pardo

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