Our company is committed to adhering to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, the highest professional and ethical standards and its stated corporate values. Strong compliance is a key aspect of industry leadership and is vital to securing sustainable profitable growth. Compliance works together with the company's management  teamsto effectively identify, mitigate and manage compliance risk and encourage behaviour with integrity. At Swiss Re, integrity and compliance are integral components of our culture and the measurement of our performance.

Scope of Compliance responsibilities

Compliance is principally responsible for overseeing Swiss Re's observance of applicable laws and regulations, as well as managing its compliance risk. The Chief Compliance Officer proposes compliance-related policies and guidelines, and establishes processes, controls and guidance. Among other areas of authority, Compliance works with and is a key component of all areas of Swiss Re.

Relevant links

  • Swiss Re Code of Conduct: The Swiss Re Code of Conduct applies to everyone who works for the company in whatever capacity and wherever they are in the world.
  • Swiss Re Whistleblowing Hotline: Swiss Re is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and accountability. We therefore encourage you to report any suspected misconduct.
  • Data Protection at Swiss Re: We are committed to respecting the privacy and data protection rights of individuals and complying with laws globally.
  • Preventing Bribery and Corruption at Swiss Re: We conduct business fairly, without accepting or offering advantages intended to improperly influence or appear to influence decision-making.
  • UK Modern Slavery Act statement: Swiss Re Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement
  • Swiss Re Tax Policy: Swiss Re's tax policy is to comply with international tax guidelines and all applicable tax laws and obligations in each country in which we operate.


Corporate governance

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