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Blog ​Why green is the new gold

Jerome Jean Haegeli Group Chief Economist

Blog ​Making good lifestyle choices can help cut Alzheimer's risks

Jolee Crosby Head Global L&H UW & Medical Reinsurance

Blog ​Navigating the next twenty years – a call for closer collaboration

Gianfranco Lot Head Globals Reinsurance

Blog ​Digital transformation is changing how we think and work

Anette Bronder Group Chief Operating Officer

Blog ​Prioritising insurance affordability and risk awareness will help create a more sustainable future

Moses Ojeisekhoba Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance

Blog ​How to beat Canada’s emerging weather threat to the punch

Monica Ningen Head Canada & English Caribbean

Blog ​How we can overcome uninsurability with data

Christian Mumenthaler Group Chief Executive Officer

Blog ​Europe’s green economy – the time for action is now

Urs Baertschi Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance EMEA / Regional President EMEA

Blog ​No more kicking of the climate can down the road; time to play a different game

Veronica Scotti Chairperson Public Sector Solutions