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Blog ​Sustainable infrastructure will be key to safeguarding biodiversity

Christian Wertli Head Infrastructure Solutions

Blog ​The road to net-zero has been paved with good intentions. The time to act is now

Veronica Scotti Chairperson Public Sector Solutions

Blog ​Investing towards a resilient world

Guido Fürer Group Chief Investment Officer

Blog ​Why hurricane risk modelling has to change

Martin Bertogg Head Cat Perils & Cyber

Blog ​Lessons to remember from a year to forget

Jerome Jean Haegeli Group Chief Economist

Blog ​Preparing for COVID’s long-term effects

Neil Sprackling President US Life & Health

Blog ​We insure all that we love – why don't we protect mother nature?

Philippe B. Brahin Head Americas Public Sector Solutions

Blog ​Six sides of the COVID crisis and my predictions on what they mean for insurers

Paul Murray Head Life & Health Products Reinsurance

Blog ​The danger of long-COVID: why we need to stay vigilant

Christoph Nabholz Head Life & Behaviour R&D