Corporate governance

Our Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for the success of Swiss Re Ltd and the Group within a framework of effective and prudent controls. It is responsible for the overall direction, supervision and control of Swiss Re Ltd and the Group and the Group Executive Committee (Group EC) as well as for supervising compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Such responsibilities cannot be delegated and therefore rest with the entire Board. The Board of Directors has delegated the management of Swiss Re Ltd and the Group to the Group EC.

This corporate governance framework ensures sustainability, fosters transparency and facilitates a quality assessment of the Group's organization and business.

The Board of Directors regularly assesses Swiss Re's corporate governance against regulatory developments, relevant best practice standards and new stakeholder demands. It closely monitors Swiss and global corporate governance developments, considers relevant studies and surveys and ensures that Swiss Re's corporate governance is ready to respond to upcoming needs.

Legislators, regulators, asset managers, shareholders and other stakeholders are increasingly looking to corporate governance as a means of improving transparency and accountability for sustainability. In particular, companies are now expected to have appropriate governance structures and governance priorities to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Swiss Re has a well-defined sustainability governance framework to develop, enhance, implement and monitor its Group Sustainability Strategy.

Our governance structure

The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight, while the Group Executive Committee is responsible for managing operations. The Board of Directors has established Board Committees, which support the Board in fulfilling its duties.

Our governance documents

Swiss Re's corporate governance principles and procedures are defined in several documents governing the oversight, organisation and management of Swiss Re Ltd and the Swiss Re Group.

Our Code of Conduct provides key principles that guide Swiss Re in making responsible decisions and achieving results using the highest ethical standards.

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines set out Swiss Re's harmonised governance principles and standards, ensuring a consistent and tailored corporate governance approach across the Group.  

The Articles of Association define the legal and organisational framework of Swiss Re Ltd as the Group's holding company.

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