Alphabet of Colour, Time and Space by Tobias Rehberger

2018 – 2020

Tobias Rehberger



Silk screen printed ceramic tiles


370 m², overall


Sourcing the colors red, yellow, and blue from architect Hans Hofmann's original design for the Klubhaus from the 1950s, Tobias Rehberger's proposal explores how our perception of aesthetic and stylistic conditions changes over time.

Zurich, Klubhaus
For twenty five years now, I’ve been working on a consistent body of work in which I undermine artistic ideals such as genius and authenticity. Using strategies from the realm of design, architecture, fashion and advertising I examine the meaning of art and what the future possibilities for art production are.
Tobias Rehberger

Moving in vertical waves across the walls of level K1, Rehberger's pattern is formed by dynamic color gradients. Following the principal of socioarcheological excavation, the saturation of each color changes in parallel with the depth of the tiles. At approximately 5 cm high, all white parts of the pattern form the surface of the tile arrangement. As the installation progresses downward, the colors increase in saturation. The tiles end with a depth of approximately 1 cm for the most saturated red, pale yellow, and blue. Creating an archeology of colors, Rehberger's approach to the Klubhaus' original color scheme finds its equivalent in a spatial dimension.

The objects I create are versatile and can be repeatedly adapted to the context in which they are meant to function.
Tobias Rehberger

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