Chandelier by Pae White, Jorge Pardo, Tobias Rehberger

2018 – 2020



Pae White:  metal, glass, lightbulbs

Jorge Pardo: aluminium base, coloured PET-G, LED lighting

Tobias Rehberger: steel and 3d-printed plastic, spray painted and coloured HPL, lightbulb


This atmospheric large-scale Chandelier is located in the entrance area of Klubhaus and offers different light bodies of various sizes, shapes and colours. The Klubhaus artists Pae White, Jorge Pardo and Tobias Rehberger created this unique installation in collaboration, while keeping their very individual artistic language. 


Zurich, Klubhaus

I've described my work as "shaping space," moving freely across the disciplines of art, architecture and design, and allowing them to intersect and overlap.
Jorge Pardo

Creating light installations to explore the perception of visual and spatial experiences are common practices in the artists portfolios. By combining their distinct vocabulary with a collaborative approach, the chandelier manifests a fascinating interplay between both, the artists signatures and the architecture of the building. The result is a visual spectacle creating a vibrant atmosphere in this bustling restauration space called Klubhaus.

Jorge, Tobias and I come together in this building, which is an extremely unique condition, at least, in my experience.
Pae White

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