Pae White


*1963 in Pasadena, USA
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works with
Painting, sculpture, photography and installation

Pae White makes artwork that emerges from material experimentation, an approach that often pairs high tech and artisanal craft to ephemeral objects and quotidian subjects. Over the past decades she has created an expansive body of work that includes sculpture, painting, site-specific installation, furniture, architecture and graphic design.

Her subjects and imagery might include smoke, color, popcorn, time, plants, moonlight, birdcalls, bugs, and clip art. Common materials are often used to uncommon ends, for example in the way the artist has made artworks with neon, ceramic, string, birdseed and glass. White has also adapted centuries-old techniques to function with 21st-century digital technology, as with her recent series of tapestries. “For a number of years,” White explains, “my practice has at times focused on an exploration of the overlooked, the forgotten, the elusive, the spaces between things, even the things between things. I am equally drawn to the temporary, the fleeting, to the ephemera of everyday life.”