Forgetting to Remember Spring by Pae White

2018 – 2020

Pae White



Silk screen printed ceramic tiles


112 m², overall


Pae White's installation originates with an alphabet designed by the artist herself.


Zurich, Klubhaus

My practice has focused on an exploration of the neglected, the forgotten, the elusive, the spaces between things, even the things between things. I am equally drawn to the temporary, the fleeting, to the ephemera of everyday life.
Pae White
The artwork is created on regularly sized diamond-shaped ceramic tiles that are spatially arranged on the basis of a digitally calculated acoustic model.

The artist describes every letter of this alphabet to be a miniature abstract painting in which the letterforms get broken down and redistributed throughout the project, resulting in a pattern playfully engaging with the folds of the rhomboid shapes. With this, White simultaneously attempts to make these disappear as another pattern works to establish a visual hierarchy.

My hope is that the fleeting references to type that are found in these mini-collages evoke a sense that a story is waiting to be decoded, and that a story is waiting to be told.
Pae White
Through their partly staggered and partly flat, smooth surfaces, the tiles create a play of surprising colour effects and not only enhance the spatial experience inside the building, but also give it an impressive appearance from the outside.

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