Inclusive culture

At Swiss Re, we embrace and build a diverse workforce that brings together the best of multiple generations, cultures, skillsets and thinking. We can only unleash the motivation and creativity of our employees if they can be who they are and feel included. Our business success depends on our ability to create and sustain an inclusive culture – one that builds diverse teams, encourages fresh perspectives and brings innovative thinking.  We draw upon our diversity to understand our clients and markets, develop smarter solutions together and help the world to rebuild, renew and move forward. In this way we work towards our vision to 'make the world more resilient'. A commitment to inclusiveness is therefore fundamental for our organisational performance and part of our Group Code of Conduct.


We believe increasing the proportion of women in leadership is critical to our success. We recognise that women are underrepresented, particularly at our executive/senior management levels. We're therefore focused on increasing the number of women who join Swiss Re at all levels. Our Group Executive Committee (Group EC) members closely monitor talent flows in their businesses and regions to ensure that all talent has opportunities to thrive.

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Swiss Re is committed to provide an equal and safe work environment for LGBTI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) employees, and is a signatory to the United Nation’s Free & Equal Standards of Conduct to tackle discrimination against LGBTI+ people. We have equalised our leave (parental & bereavement), gift and insured (medical, death & critical illness) benefits for our employees and their partners: all of these benefits now extend to LGBTI+ partners as well as unmarried heterosexual partners across our locations globally – for the few locations where a significant cultural or legal barrier still exists, we continue to work on solutions. Our global Together with Pride employee network comprises over 1 000 allies and LGBTI+ employees and has active local chapters in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Slovakia, Switzerland, the UK and the US. To honour Pride Month, we decorate our buildings in different locations with rainbow colours to show our support for the LGBTI+ community.

Race & Ethnicity

Swiss Re is committed to concrete actions to raise awareness and understanding as well as embedding inclusion of race and ethnicity more deeply into our culture. This means measuring insights on the dynamic of race and ethnicity at Swiss Re: we're working on gathering voluntarily employee diversity data across different diversity dimensions (where legally possible). Also, we're providing additional opportunities for employee dialogue, expanding our employee network focusing on race and ethnicity inclusion and finally, looking closely at our people processes to ensure equal treatment of all employees and avoiding any negative impact of biases.

Mental Health

We appreciate that today's fast-moving and demanding work environment can pose challenges to the health of our employees, and we do our best to provide them with support. In our efforts, we consider a healthy mind to be as important as a healthy body. The corona crisis brought the importance of mental health to the forefront, and the topic was more frequently addressed throughout the company – a great way to end the stigma. As an employer, we have an opportunity to effect real change and this is why we have joined The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health signing a public Pledge to advance progress in workplace mental health.

Natasha Gill Pajarola, Head Human Resources Reinsurance

Inclusive workplace for everyone

Our diverse, multigenerational and multicultural workforce is fundamental to our success. We want that every employee feels heard, respected and included, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other diversity dimension. For example, when it comes to generational management, addressing potential age group biases is key. This starts with busting the myths around each generation and finding the ways to effective, intergenerational collaboration. We continue to work with local and regional teams to identify and address other dimensions of diversity.

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    Urs Baertschi Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance EMEA / Regional President EMEA

​Our People Strategy: One Swiss Re

Our desired outcome. We drive an environment where people feel respected for who we are (inclusive). We have a growth mind-set, put client needs at the heart of our decisions, embrace digital opportunities and focus on sustainable commercial and financial outcomes (commercial).