Inclusive culture

Fostering an inclusive workplace

Motivation and creativity can be unleashed in an organisation only if employees feel included and free to be themselves. Our business success depends on our ability to create and sustain an inclusive culture – one that builds diverse teams, encourages fresh perspectives and brings innovative thinking to developing smarter solutions for our clients. A commitment to inclusiveness is therefore fundamental for our organisational performance and part of our Group Code of Conduct.

We’re proud that our employees perceive an inclusive culture across all Business Units, as demonstrated by results of our Engagement and Agility Pulse survey in 2019: 76% of respondents feel that Swiss Re's work environment is open and inclusive of individual differences (this is 3 percentage points above the Global Finance & Insurance industry benchmark).

LGBTI+ inclusion

In 2017 our Group Executive Committee launched a global initiative to advance Swiss Re towards the so-called ‘Embassy Status‘, creating a safe and inclusive working environment for all our LGBTI+ employees. Our global employee network Together with Pride supports this initiative, as do our more than 1 000 self-declared LGBTI+ “allies” worldwide.

Being a parent at Swiss Re

At Swiss Re, we understand that having children not only brings great joy but also shapes one’s day-to-day routine. To help our employees balance career and personal responsibilities, we offer benefits such as additional family allowance, one-off childbirth allowance, additional paid parental leave and the option to take unpaid leave. As these benefits are tailored to the local needs of our workforce, they differ from region to region.

Caring for the wellbeing of our employees

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. We set high standards in terms of caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and aim to provide a workplace that helps everyone improve and maintain both their wellbeing and their ability to perform. Our mental health network, Pathways, has active chapters in the UK and Switzerland with the mission to raise awareness around mental health topics and to create a fully inclusive and accepting workplace where employees feel free and safe to share their stories.

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