Own The Way You Work

At Swiss Re, we seek to enable everyone to reach their full potential, as individuals and as teams.

We align our working environments and methods with evolving social trends and challenging market conditions. We appreciate the ever-changing working preferences of different cultures, generations and personalities.

Our trademarked programme, Own the Way You WorkTM, is a cultural change initiative which gives managers and employees autonomy to decide how, when and where work is carried out in compliance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of their particular region.

Yet there is more to agile working than having flexible hours and managing them. We have enriched our vision for the way we work at Swiss Re with cutting-edge technology and flexible workplace solutions. These shape an ambitious and creative company culture, where everyone performs at their best, individually and collectively.

Own the Way You WorkTM enabled a smooth transition to home office during the COVID-19 pandemic induced measures: 92% of respondents agreed that the programme enabled them to adjust and remain productive during the pandemic, as the April 2020 edition of our Employee Engagement Survey confirmed.

Own the way your work- Swiss Re Flexible working

Flexibility in every phase of life

When it comes to the workplace, one of the biggest lessons of 2020 has been that flexibility is essential to navigate the changes that life sends our way. What's more, the fact that we are living longer lives means we are approaching our careers as well as retirement differently.

With 'FlexWork' at Swiss Re in Switzerland, we aim to respond to these very developments – reflecting our evolving needs and expectations as you progress through the employee's career. Besides the already well-known options like part-time working, a range of other attractive options are available since 2020 to help the employee to balance work and personal needs, across every life stage.

Swiss Re as an employer

We have run an international campaign on Own The Way You Work with visuals and stories where employees are sharing what flexible working means for them. Swiss Re as an employer understands the importance of providing colleagues with flexible working environment. The campaign has reached more than 1 Million users. In 2020 we have passed the 300’000 followers mark on LinkedIn.

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