Angel touch by Ugo Rondinone


Ugo Rondinone



Nylon thread, glass, beads, magnets


400 x 800 cm


Rondinone created two commissioned works for Adliswil, Angel Touch and Angel Kiss , together they create a vibrant whole.

Welcome to the impressively diverse world of Ugo Rondinone, whose work veers between euphoria and something more dark. We never quite know how we fit in when we experience these creations. We might feel the same in this Angel Touch, where a beautifully delicate nylon net, weighed down by small white glass pendants that hang off its edges, is suspended from the ceiling of our cafeteria. 


Zurich, Adliswil

A net can protect you but it can also trap you. It can be a force field. And it’s a situation in which, for once, art has a look about it that is intentionally seductive.
Ugo Rondinone
Rondinone's work often alludes to the natural landscape.

Rondinone has made large neon rainbow signs, disturbingly life-like sculptures of depressed clowns, giant light bulbs made of cast wax, concentric circle paintings and colossal stone giants. His work often alludes to the natural landscape − sun, moon stars − and the life cycles inherent within. This net is like a precious galaxy that we can gaze up to and lose ourselves in, as the angels look down, perhaps.

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