The 2nd Sino-Swiss Sustainability Forum 第二届中瑞地方可持续发展论坛

Focusing on urban water management 聚焦城市水管理
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Date 13 Jul 2021
Location Hybrid Click to open Google Maps
In partnership with The Swiss-Chinese Association; The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; The Swiss Water

About the event 简介

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” -- Lao Tzu

Water is life.  Shortages or contamination are significant risks to our urban existence. Good management of this key resource between public and private sectors greatly improves the resilience of our towns and cities.

The Swiss-Chinese Association and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries join forces with Swiss Re Institute and Swiss Water to organize the 2nd Sino-Swiss Sustainability Forum on Urban Water Management on 13 July 2021. The forum is in a hybrid format. The two main meeting venues in Zurich and Beijing connect virtually with eight other Chinese cities.

Following the successful inaugural event in Jinan, China in 2017, this forum will bring together government officials, academics and corporate representatives from China and Switzerland. The aim of the event is to discuss urban water risk management; to enhance collaboration between societies in China and Switzerland; and to jointly increase resilience in our management, use and distribution of water.

”天下莫柔弱于水,而攻坚强者莫之能胜,以其无以易之。“  -- 老子
水即生命。 水资源匮乏和水污染都是对城市的重大威胁。 政府和企业共同加强水资源管理才能提高城市的抗灾韧性。

瑞中协会、中国人民对外友好协会与瑞再研究院和瑞士水务公司合作,于 2021 年 7 月 13 日在苏黎世和北京举办第二届中瑞地方可持续发展-城市水管理论坛。除了北京和苏黎世两个主会场外,还有八个中国城市连线参加会议。

继2017年在中国济南成功举办首届论坛之后,本次论坛汇聚来自中国和瑞士的政府官员、学者和企业代表,共同探讨城市水风险管理,加强中瑞之间的合作, 从水资源风险管理和城市水处理的角度提高社会韧性。

Agenda 日程

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Time 时间 Local time zone is CEST Topic 主题 Speaker 演讲人 Moderator 主持人 Presentations
08:00-08:20 Welcome remarks 欢迎致辞 Andries Diener 狄安
08:20-08:25 Opening speech 开幕致辞 Hao Zhongwei 郝忠伟
08:25-08:35 Water Management in Switzerland: Evaluation, Decision Making, Approval and Financing 瑞士水治理:评估/决策/审批/融资 pdf
08:35-08:50 Success and future of water protection in China 中国水生态环境保护成效及展望
08:50-09:00 Exchange and dialogue for sustainable water management 通过交流和对话共同提高水资源管理的可持续性
09:00-09:10 Water resources management in Hangzhou 擦亮“湿地水城”,彰显幸福底色,打造“美丽中国”杭州样本
09:10-09:25 Short Break 简短休息
09:25-09:35 A low-carbon approach to building harmonious cities for people and water 践行绿色低碳理念,建设人水和谐新城,为可持续发展注入中瑞动力
09:35-09:45 Public private partnership in building water resilience 政企合作治理城市水风险全球经验分享 Gianni Pedrazzini 高瑞 pdf
09:45-09:55 Early warning, firm prevention, quick rescue, and full protection of lives 预得早 防得牢 救得快 全力保障人民群众生命安全
09:55-10:05 Wastewater treatment: historical experience, development trends and emerging innovations 污水治理:历史经验,发展趋势及科技创新 pdf
10:05-10:15 Build waterfront and liveable park cities 掇山理水编织蓝绿空间,建设滨水宜居公园城市 pdf
10:15-10:25 Coexistence of city and water, starting of a new chapter for the Spring City of Jinan 城水共生,泉润济南,谱写泉城水务工作新篇章 pdf
10:25-10:35 Dynamic and adaptive flood protection measures for resilient water courses – the Swiss approach 防洪排涝:水动力学与有效的防洪瑞士成功经验举例 pdf
10:35-10:45 Drainage and flood protection in cities 城市排水排涝
10:45-10:55 Challenges in the urban water management and treatment in cold regions 寒冷地区城市供水治水的挑战与应对 pdf
10:55-11:05 Surface water quality restoration – Successful effort in Switzerland 提高地表水质的发展及挑战--瑞士范例 pdf
11:05-11:15 Building a lakeside modern garden city 奋力打造水城共融的现代化滨湖花园城市
11:15-11:25 Effectiveness and prospects of urban water pollution control in China 中国城市水环境污染控制成效与展望 pdf
11:25-11:30 Closing remarks 闭幕致辞 Andries Diener 狄安

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