About us

Superior research driving better decisions.

We share our risk knowledge in re/insurance through our publications, data sets, client programmes and conferences.

We produce and support risk research across Swiss Re and partner organisations. Our knowledge ecosystem further assists decision making within Swiss Re and for our clients and stakeholders.

We believe success in re/insurance is best achieved through a forward-looking understanding of our risk landscape. In doing so, we foster greater resilience across society.


Our organisation

Jeffrey Bohn, Head, Swiss Re Institute

Data without context and curation are not much better than noise. I am passionate about ensuring Swiss Re Institute uses its market understanding, know-how, networks, and partnerships to transform our large quantities of data into high-impact insights for Swiss Re and its clients.

Jerome Haegeli, Group Chief Economist

Knowledge is our capital and strength. To gain opportunities for our clients and us, I will focus on enhancing our understanding of the economic and insurance market developments. By strengthening our industry's positive role in underwriting risk and long-term investing, we can increase economic resilience.

Dan Ryan, Head Research

The rapid development of new digital ecosystems is presenting insurers with customer-centred opportunities built on improved data access and understanding. Our research along the insurance value chain examines afresh how Swiss Re can better accept, explain and mitigate future risks, building on strong relationships with leading researchers in academia and beyond.