The artworks at our São Paulo office showcase the incredible richness of the Brazilian art scene. Fabiano Al Makul's detailed photographs picture the colourful façades of the Brazilian city of Paraty. And Leonardo Finotti’s stark and intense black and white photographs show the geometrical forms of Bauhaus-influenced modernist architecture in São Paulo. Like those two, many of the works on view reference the urban environment of Brazilian cities big and small.

The Swiss Re office in São Paulo.

In the reception area, Marcia de Moraes almost five meters wide pencil drawing The weight of the eyelids (o peso das pálpebras) breaks up abstract yet beautiful forms over five different sheets of paper. The work is decidedly conceptual, yet vividly sensual and almost playful. It is emblematic of the stunning diversity of the Brazilian art scene in particular – and of art's ability to bridge the seemingly oppositional and contradictory in general.