The weight of the eyelids (o peso das pálpebras) by Marcia de Moraes


Marcia de Moraes



Graphite and colored pencil on paper
Polyptych of 5 pieces


140 x 460 cm


De Moraes' work is a visual whirlwind, constantly in transformation, with its unique hues and expressive lines. She produces diptychs and polyptychs where the strokes and colours cross the boundaries of the paper, sometimes following clear paths and other times taking divergent trails.


São Paulo

This work is shaped by the same visual vocabulary that influenced my drawings and collages ten years ago, including: tongues, teeth, eggs, umbilical cords, cylindrical and circular structures, bones, stems and tails.
Marcia de Moraes
The drawing "The weight of the eyelids (o peso das pálpebras)" is a site-specific work for the São Paulo office.

On occasions when the artist is not satisfied with a merely two-dimensional plane, she cuts and fragments it, before reconstructing the different parts to create a new dynamic. In these collages, the small drawings, resized by being split, are pieced together once again. These then create a series of unlikely encounters in different planes and produce an unexpected three-dimensionality. This three-dimensional exploration inspired her recent journey into enamelled ceramic sculptures.

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