Gestirn, von zwölf Planeten umkreist by Meret Oppenheim


Meret Oppenheim



Oil on canvas


95 x 80 cm


Beginning in the 1960s, Meret Oppenheim painted a series of geometric abstractions with stylised clouds and flattened firmaments. These works take us to the core of her art, in which the world is enveloped in a cosmic universe where the logical and rational are inseparable from the fantastic and fluid.

Gestirn, von zwölf Planeten umkreist shows the archetypical motif of the year, the earth and its planets and, for Oppenheim, the cosmic being within. In her own words, "The earth explodes, the spiritual ball bursts, the thoughts are distributed throughout the universe, carrying on to live on the stars."

She followed the trails of the unconscious, often creating works inspired by her own dreams and making newly charted territory visible in the belief that it is artists who dream for society.


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