Meret Oppenheim


*1913 in Berlin, Germany
† 1985 in Basel, Switzerland
Worked with
Sculpture, painting, drawing, prints, collage, photography, clothing and jewellery design; and wrote poetry

Born in Berlin-Charlottenbug in 1913, Meret Oppenheim was introduced by Alberto Giaccometti to the circle of leading Surrealists around André Breton. At Breton's invitation, she regularly participated in the annual exhibition of the "Salon des Surindépendants". Meret Oppenheim's artistic breakthrough came in 1936 with her work Le déjeuner en fourrure (teacup, plate and spoon coated in fur) which was exhibited and purchased at the exhibition entitled "Fantastic art Dada surrealism" by the Museum of Modern Art in New York that same year. The work has since become one of the most cited and reproduced objects of Surrealism, forming the basis for her subsequent fame.

After the Second World War she has turned away from Surrealism in favour of more abstract graphic representations.