Drop by Shanthamani Muddaiah


Shanthamani Muddaiah



Copper (finished with polyurethane protective coat)

Pedestal - Blockboard


201 x 178 x 170 cm


Drop is a visualization of a single drop of ink, frozen in the moment that it splatters onto the ground – a monument to the significance of every drop. The form deriveditself from a contemplation of the many aspects of water, observed on the artists journey from the beginning to the mouth of the River Ganga.  He witnessed millions of people offering “Argya”, cupping hands full of water and offering them back to the river, allegorical to the impermanence and the cyclical nature of life.  



As a contemporary artist, Shanthamani Muddaiah is also impacted by Hoysala temple architecture. Belur and Halebeedu, a stone’s throw away from Bengaluru, houses a 12th century temple with the most intricate stone carvings - unlike any other in the world. Yet, it has gone largely unnoticed in the sphere of modern and contemporary art. Deconstructing its decorative elements, He has isolated the prominent facet of these carvings – the “S curve”. 

I created this work in bamboo due to its association with environmental solutions and in context with my earlier show. Producing the work in mild steel, stainless steel or copper would allow it to be resilient in an urban context – making it architectural and archetypal.
Shanthamani Muddaiah

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