Urbanization is a crucial factor in modern Indian society. Bangalore is no exception here. From slightly more than 4 million people in 1990, the city – which hosts our Global Business Solution Centre – rapidly grew and is now approaching 13 million in total.

Swiss Re office in Bangalore

The art selected for the Bangalore office reflects this development. Works from Murali Cheeroth, Gigi Scaria, or Shanthamani Muddaiah directly deal with the image of the city, its skyscrapers and the density of the built environment. Others, like the collages made from computer keys by Mukesh Sharma or the paintings by Pratul Dash, Ravikumar Kashi or Suchender P address topics more or less directly linked to urbanization: the role of technology or infrastructure, migration, or the problems that rising cities cause for the environment and local wildlife alike. Art here comments on the often-overwhelming complexity of modern urban life – and celebrates resilience and endurance.