Customer journey and platform consultancy: A state-of-the-art online experience is becoming crucial for the future success of retail insurance

The share of retail insurance distributed online is continually growing and insurers can't afford to ignore this trend. Moreover, many distribution partners such as agents and brokers expect insurers to provide a platform where they can manage insurance and place policies. But providing such platforms isn't easy.  Being able to offer the client a crisp online experience and identifying and implementing additional digital services that matter for the customer needs thorough prior assessment carried out by experienced experts.

Swiss Re's global network of insurance specialists in tandem with our professionals in the fields of user experience and behavioural economics have just this capability. As a Swiss Re sigma publication points out: "Applying behavioural analytics to insurance can help understand what drives consumer behaviour." (Page 6 of sigma, under "Influencing customer engagement")

We can help design and test an appealing and intuitive customer journey and also share best practice around technical implementation. In collaboration with your stakeholders, we can help you identify the pain points the insurance platform needs to address and devise appropriate solutions.  Having a state-of-the art-online insurance platform is crucial if insurance is to stay relevant for your customers and distribution partners.

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