Bespoke analytics consulting to help you steer and grow your property and casualty business

Steering and profitably growing your property and casualty insurance business can be costly and operationally challenging; with too many data sources, a broad system landscape and resource pressure on analytical capabilities. We provide you with state-of-the-art data science techniques, extensive risk knowledge and profound industry expertise via bespoke consulting services and a team of dedicated Swiss Re experts.

The combination of Swiss Re's internal data sources and industry expert knowledge, external studies and statistics, and publicly available data sets, along with your data, offers you powerful insights to help you best manage your business.Tangible, data-driven business insights, together with our dedicated team of experts and strong capital to share the risk, help you grow your Property & Casualty business, increase your profitability and enhance your efficiency.

Boost your customer conversions and retention with market-leading behavioural economics know-how

Our dedicated Behavioural Economics team works with you to set up robust field trials to optimise your insurance value chain, adding value to your sales, underwriting quality, retention, claims processes and other administrative processes. The sales uplift from a change in a letter or a website targeting your customers can be as high as 120% from the starting value, leading to increased collected premiums and increased customer loyalty. Sigma experts write that small modifications such as these can have a major impact on customer behaviour. For example, one insurer found that subtle re-wording of a button labelled "request a pamphlet" to include the words "If you don't know how much cover you need" led to significant increase in clicks. (Page 7, sigma under "Influencing customer engagement")

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