P&C Analytics solutions

Market conditions are driving the need for new insurance solutions

Today 92% of P&C insurers expect big data to generate significant improvements to their pricing, underwriting, risk selection and growth strategies. Market conditions are driving the need for new insurance solutions.

Helping you grow and steer your portfolio

Swiss Re's P&C Analytics solutions use rich data sets and over150 years of risk expertise to help you with portfolio insights, profitably grow into new markets and business lines and bring added efficiency to your business.

Giving you a competitive edge

We combine Swiss Re's rich risk knowledge with advanced data analytics to boost your performance and give you a competitive edge. From co-creating solutions for the SME segment, to managing business interruption and accumulation risks of increasingly global supply chains, our solutions help you navigate today's complex risk landscape and tap into new opportunities.

Portfolio insights to help boost your portfolio performance in a complex risk landscape

It's a challenge to meet business targets in a complex risk landscape. Our leading risk expertise, technology and data science capabilities produce intuitive, visual portfolio analytics to help boost your portfolio performance.

Bespoke analytics consultancy services to help you steer and grow your P&C business

Profitably steering your property and casualty insurance business has become increasingly costly and operationally challenging. We provide tangible, data-driven business insights that help you grow your business, increase your profitability and enhance your efficiency.

To further boost your performance, our dedicated Behavioural Economics team works with you to set up robust field trials to optimise your insurance value chain, adding value to your sales, underwriting quality, retention, claims processes and other administrative processes.

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