Swiss Re Media Day 2020

Swiss Re is leading digital transformation in the insurance industry. Swiss Re's Media Day 2020 offered journalists a deep dive into the key projects and partnerships that are driving innovation for our clients and partners.

Setting the scene Swiss Re's digital transformation

Swiss Re's long-term tech strategy has already put us in a strong position to support our clients and reap the benefits in our own operations. Swiss Re's Group Digital Transformation Officer, Pravina Ladva, is tasked with driving the Group-wide digital transformation even further. This includes tech steering and innovation management, development of new propositions, and guiding strategic tech partnerships. At Swiss Re's Media Day 2020, Pravina and Urs Baertschi, Regional President EMEA, discussed Swiss Re's approach to the big tech issues such as partnerships, data analytics and cyber.

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A digital sixth sense – Swiss Re and Microsoft

A centerpiece of Swiss Re's partnership with Microsoft is the Digital Market Center. This initiative is changing the game for how we look at risk knowledge and resilience. Pierluigi Fasano, Lead Business Development Digital Markets and Gerry Lemcke, Head Product Management Public Sector Solutions shared their vision and a snapshot of the Disaster Resilience Partnership.

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iptiQ: a digital platform that gets new insurance products to market quickly

iptiQ is Swiss Re's digital insurance platform that enables companies, even those with no insurance expertise, to roll out solutions such as life or home insurance within just 90 days or less. Carl Christensen, CEO iptiQ EMEA L&H presented iptiQ at Swiss Re's Media Day 2020.

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Data and technology in the driver seat for better road safety

Kim Nielsen, Senior Product & Partnership Manager and Eric Schuh, Global Head P&C Solutions discussed how we can make use of data, technology and innovation to develop products and services for automotive and mobility providers globally.

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Cyber risks: Solutions in the post-COVID world

Swiss Re has been investing into understanding cyber risks and underwriting this line of business for many years now. In the COVID-19 crisis, the need for cyber insurance has become even more transparent. Anthony Cordonnier, Head Cyber Product Management and Maya Bundt, Head Cyber & Digital Solutions discussed the developments in cyber insurance.

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Using lifestyle data to dynamically underwrite life insurance

Amanda Hosken, Global Head L&H Solutions presented how the Swiss Re Life and Health team is designing a risk assessment approach that uses lifestyle factors such as activity level, sleep and exposure to second hand smoke, to holistically and dynamically measure mortality risk over the lifetime of a policy. This enables insurers to develop products that support health improvement and to quantify rewards or discounts for customers.

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Quantum Cities

37 megacities currently have populations exceeding 10 million people and the world will build an entire New York City every month for 40 years. This shift drives multiple opportunities, but in densely populated spaces, risks are also amplified as can be readily seen with the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeffrey Bohn, Chief Research Officer Swiss Re Institute discussed the research that is helping us to better understand the urban risk landscape of the future.

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