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In many ways, Swiss Re's history and the history of reinsurance have been one narrative. In conjunction with our 150 Years Anniversary in 2013 we launched the Kaleidoscope of Insurance History. Visit us from time to time to enjoy new articles about Swiss Re and the fascinating history of the insurance industry.

Kaleidoscope of Insurance History

Kaleidoscope of Insurance History

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For our 150 Years Anniversary we launched a new series of publications, covering the history of some of the key markets where we share a long history with our clients and partners.

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The Value of Risk: Swiss Re and the History of Reinsurance

On the occasion of its 150 Years Anniversary, Swiss Re and four historians tell the story of the global insurance networks as well as the history of reinsurance and Swiss Re in The Value of Risk: Swiss Re and the History of Reinsurance, published by Oxford University Press.