Sponsoring and donation guidelines

Our commitment to culture

At Swiss Re, we have a long tradition of supporting renowned cultural institutions and important cultural events in Zurich – our Group's headquarters. This is a conscious strategy to enrich our local community as an attractive, interesting place to live, to enhance our employees' quality of life, and to strengthen our image and reputation. Besides providing financial support, we also share expertise with our long-term sponsoring partners. In turn, we discover fresh perspectives and exciting possibilities.

We are an employer of choice: Our employees identify with our commitment to corporate social responsibility and enjoy a wealth of cultural offerings, including free guided tours, discounted tickets and cultural education programmes for the whole family. We also offer our Zurich employees an extensive in-house ticketing service.

What sort of projects are we looking for?

The Corporate Sponsoring team and internal/external experts evaluate the applications we receive according to a binding catalogue of criteria:

  • Relevance to Swiss Re’s business activities
  • Sponsoring partner’s compatibility with Swiss Re
  • Innovation, development potential, possibility of implementationin other markets
  • Networking, potential for harnessing Swiss Re's own expertise
  • High potential for external and internal communication (PR/branding/employee engagement)
  • Opportunity to position Swiss Re as a good corporate citizen and risk management expert
  • New scientific knowledge valuable to Swiss Re or builds awareness on topics where Swiss Re wants to position itself
  • Long-term perspective (1-3 years)
  • Platform for dialogue and knowledge transfer with stakeholders
  • Clear goals and a detailed project description (time, budget, resources)

We do not support

  • Sports
  • Media cooperation projects
  • Print, audio or film projects (unless part of a broader programme or related to our core business)
  • Infrastructure/organisational costs, basic financing of institutions and foundations
  • Congresses/seminars, anniversaries, balls (except where related to the business through a sponsored category)
  • Zurich exhibitions or art projects not related to our established partners
  • Marketing or client-support initiatives, incl. client gifts

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