Moshekwa Langa is one of the key proponents of South Africa's contemporary art scene. Born in 1975, Langa is part of an age group that was amongst the first in South Africa to show a certain levity and freedom in their work. Though mostly known as a painter, Langa's multifaceted output juggles different media seemingly without effort. His work is the starting point for the art concept in our Cape Town office.

Cape Town office features works by Moshekwa Langa, Robin Rhode or Mawande Ka Zenzile.

Shown alongside Langa is another household name of the South African art scene: Robin Rhode. The artist combines wall drawings and street art with installation, video and photography to comment on South Africa's society. Next to these two well-known and established protagonists of the South African art scene, our Cape Town office also features works by younger artists like Mawande Ka Zenzile. Zenzile's works are a bit more minimal and restraint than those of his predecessors. Yet, they equally concerned with art's ability to reflect on social and political issues.