Semi-circle III by Robert Mangold


Robert Mangold



Colour lithograph on Somerset white paper


73.5 x 112 cm


Robert Mangold typically explores the interaction of colour, line and geometric form, as seen in this work from a suite of four colour lithographs, each featuring a semi-circle divided into vertical sections and superimposed with precise linear ellipses.

With this emphasis on internal relationships of form, his oeuvre is often classified as Minimalist. Yet as described by the Guggenheim Museum, Mangold's works depart from the fixed mathematical progressions and rigid configurations of Minimalism in their unsystematic, idiosyncratic and intuitive nature. His characteristically muted palette represents another distinction, being "more reminiscent of Italian frescoes than of the cool, detached tones and commercially mixed colours commonly used by artists associated with Minimalism."

Zurich, Klubhaus

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