Four Landscapes by Nicolas Party


Nicolas Party



Four chalk pastel works on canvas, framed


101.2 x 76.5, 150 x 80.2, 160.2 x 89.8, 120.6 x 89 cm


Landscapes are among the traditional painting genres that Nicolas Party has been exploring since the very beginning of his artistic practice.

Zurich, Altbau
The commissioned work of Nicolas Party located in Altbau, Zurich.

Party's landscapes often draw from or even directly cite styles and motifs from a diverse set of painters of previous generations, from Félix Vallotton to Salvo, while being unmistakably grounded in the artist’s own characteristic aesthetic building from simple geometries and using the vibrant pigment of soft pastels. This work stretches across four canvases of varying dimensions while sharing a common horizon and riffing on a similar scene and color palette.

Landscapes are a common genre in Party's oeuvre.

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