"The Big Six" Lifestyle Factors

The new frontier for risk assessment

Can lifestyle risk factors provide a more accurate – or alternative – risk assessment to create a better experience for your customers?

We think so.

People are more than a collection of clinical factors

Insurers rely on clinical factors like BMI and blood pressure to evaluate health risk. but other lifestyle factors influence health and longevity – like how much we sleep, what we eat and how active we are. With the increasing availability of wearable devices and health apps, we now have data sources to reliably track and measure these lifestyle factors.

We see an opportunity to move beyond clinical factors and incorporate lifestyle factors to improve how we assess and manage risk.

The goal? To inform more holistic, personalised risk assessment, to help customers manage their health and wellbeing and to improve the customer journey.

Sharing our research real time

We're starting with six lifestyle factors to develop evidence-based understanding of how these lifestyle and clinical factors interact with each other and affect health outcomes.

This introduction gives you an overview about our research and why lifestyle factors matter.

Is sleep the new blood pressure?  Read our L&H Trend Spotlight on the first of the six risk factors: sleep.

How does activity affect longevity? We tackle this pressing question and more in our Spotlight on physical activity.

Eat this, not that? Exploring what we do (and don't) know about how nutrition affects health and wellbeing.

Substance use: all or nothing? We walk through our case for moving away from binary yes/no categories.

Mind matters. Learn about the role of mental wellbeing in health and wellness.

Can we underwrite our surroundings? The challenges and opportunities of environmental risk factors.

What's next?

We will continue to dive deeper and explore each of "The Big Six" Lifestyle Factors.

Most importantly, we're embedding findings into Life Guide, our underwriting philosophy and flagship underwriting guide. Watch this space for more to come.

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