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L&H Trend Spotlights

Select the topics below for an easy-to-read overview of trending risks in Life & Health underwriting. Get Swiss Re expertise, a big-picture summary and opinion on what it means for insurers. We incorporate this expertise into Swiss Re's Life Guide and our underwriting recommendations.​

Blog The Right to Forget Cancer

Publication Can we underwrite our surroundings?

Blog COVID-19 Consumer Survey: How insurers can answer calls for a more holistic view of health

Article What drives a positive claim experience and how does it impact new business?

Publication Mind matters

Blog COVID-19 – New variants lead surges, brewing a humanitarian crisis in India and Brazil

Publication Substance use: all or nothing?

Article Clinical studies for early cancer detection could be a game changer

Publication Eat this, not that?

Article Polygenic risk scores: a better cancer predictor for insurers?

Article Recalibrating mental health support amid shifting priorities

Publication COVID-19 and the likely long-term effects on survivors

Publication How does activity affect longevity?

Article COVID-19 – One virus, many faces

Publication Unravelling the true death toll of COVID-19

Publication Is sleep the new blood pressure?

Article The science, progress and high stakes of COVID-19 drug developments

Article COVID-19 is driving more mental health awareness...and opportunity?

Article The race for the holy grail: Is a swift COVID-19 vaccine within reach?

Publication Putting testing to the test: Using our body's immune response to fight COVID-19

Article When is it time to ease controls? Epidemiological scenarios to consider

Publication COVID-19: What we know, what we're still learning… and what it all means for insurers

Article Is a mental health pandemic the next threat?

Publication Changing minds: How can insurers make a difference on the mental health journey?

Publication Lifestyle factors: The new frontier for risk assessment

Nano gold cancer detection

Liquid biopsy


Cannabis legalisation

E-cigarettes and vaping

Opioid misuse and addiction

Publication E-cigarette complications and consequences

Publication Cancer screening; What's new, what's coming and what you should consider