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The power of precise risk assessment at your fingertips

Is your business future ready?

AcceleRate (formerly known as TrueRisk) is our proprietary risk assessment tool that empowers you to seamlessly reclassify assessments and improve underwriting decisions, by delivering real-time solutions for the best possible risk evaluation on your individual cases for you and your customer—the end consumer—all in a matter of minutes.

The best is now better.

Accelerate features a new interface, designed to increase the support offered to improve your cases.

Redesigned with your efficiency in mind, this new platform builds on the original value of AcceleRate to improve cases from Standard to Preferred or Table B to Standard, utilizing a dashboard setup for increased organization and ease of navigation.  It also sets the stage for a series of further developments in the near future.

The new and improved AcceleRate features:

  • An easy-to-use dashboard
  • Personal inbox with data extract capabilities
  • Maximum age increased to 65
  • Offer letter retrieval for previous cases
  • Secure, dual-authentication process

The improvements don't stop here. The Swiss Re team is constantly working to improve our offerings to better serve your business.

Future expansions in the works:

  • Expanded underwriting ratings, ages, amounts, and impairments
  • Integration with LifeGuide
  • The power of Swiss Re Magnum logic
  • Exceptions, capacity checks, reservations, summary submissions

Backed by Swiss Re expertise

AcceleRate offers a sound approach to risk selection, leveraging more than 150 years of actuarial, medical and underwriting expertise, including the empirical data of our patented Life Mortality System (LMS). 

Get your business future ready, now.

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