Maria Williams L&H Underwriter Life & Health Products

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Maria Williams is Assistant Vice President and Underwriter on the North America Underwriting Team.

In addition to her responsibilities with facultative underwriting, she is an Ambassador for North America and involved in Life & Health UCM workbench testing.

Maria brings over 20 years of direct and reinsurance underwriting experience in medical, disability, and life insurance. Prior to formally joining Swiss Re, Maria worked for Swiss Re as a contract underwriter, served as a consultant for impaired risk specialty cases, and spent five years working for a reinsurer in disability claims and underwriting. She has a passion for tech solutions and data analytics and worked with an insurtech developing an underwriting workbench, creating underwriting engine rules, and analyzing alternative data sources for several major carriers.

Maria graduated with a Master in Business with a concentration in Healthcare Risk Management from the University of Florida and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University.

In her spare time, enjoys watching sports and traveling with family.