Mai-Thu Perret


*1976 in Geneva, Switzerland
Lives in
Works with
Sculpture, painting, video, installation, drawing, ceramics, textiles, performance

Inspired by movements like Bauhaus, Dada or Arts & Crafts, Mai-Thu Perret has created a vast and varied body of work, rich with historical references and driven by a strong interest in utopian communities, spirituality, feminism as well as the formal languages of modernism.

Since 1999, Perret has been working on an ongoing fictional story called The Crystal Frontier that informs her practice to various degrees. Consisting of diary entries, letters or other fragments, The Crystal Frontier revolves around an imagined all-female commune in the desert of New Mexico. Mixing reality and fiction, Perret often claims some of her artworks are made by the commune's members, turning the single pieces into "hypothetical products", to use the artist's own words.