Subtle contact
releases the radiance by Mai-Thu Perret


Mai-Thu Perret



Glazed ceramics


37 x 48.5 x 5 cm


Mai-Thu Perret's ceramic reliefs deploy a wide variety of motifs spanning from the geometrically abstract vocabulary of high modernism – thin lines, minimalist shapes – via simple, yet highly charged forms like eggs, to the openly figurative, a chain for example.

Like much of Perret's work, the ceramics challenge the distinction between high and low, fine and applied arts. "My initial reason for working with ceramic", says Perret, "had a lot to do with the associations I felt it carried, the kind of hippie, arts-and-crafts aura that seems to go along with it. It was, like textiles, a 'feminine' material, unlike oil paint or metal or even film."

Zurich, Swiss Re Next

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