Angela Bulloch


*1966 in Ontario, Canada
Lives in
London and Berlin
Works with
Sculpture and installation

Bulloch was one of the original gang of Young British Artists whom garnered much media attention in the 1990s. Yet while peers such as Damien Hirst and Mat Collishaw (with whom she studied at Goldsmiths College alongside and showed, just after graduation, in the seminal Freeze group exhibition with) utilised sensationalism, Bulloch has always been a far subtler artist.

Seriality, systems theory and the way objects and space encode behaviour are her conceptual concerns. Her large-scale 'pixel box' installations demonstrate these interests for example: here slickly fabricated wood or metal boxes, each containing luminous tube bulbs, and with a coloured screen, are amassed in a variety of configurations.

Typically for Bulloch they evoke a beautiful slippage between the material presence of these bulky architectural installations and the abstract space of the digital realm the pulsating screens hint to.