Antimatter3: Human Torch: 2:3:1 by Angela Bulloch


Angela Bulloch



6 dmx modules overall
1 black box module and wall painting


150 x 100 x 150 cm
50 x 50 x 50 cm, each module


Often incorporating a variety of media, Angela Bulloch's art vibrantly reconfigures the social and cultural realities that regulate behaviour and decision-making. Since 2000, she has developed the patented "dmx module" − the digital component core to her series of pixel boxes, with a modular system of red, green and blue fluorescent tubes that can generate 16 million different colours.

In Bulloch's Antimatter3: Human Torch: 2:3:1, the "on" and "off" or, in digital speak, the "0" and "1", allow for an almost infinite number of possible combinations. This is one of the underlying motivations in all of her works − that systems can be reconfigured, made interactive, multiplied and challenged, while any positioning located beyond these systems is deemed literally unthinkable.