Series, Flowers by Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol



Silkscreen, set of 8


87 x 89 cm, each


Warhol's Flower paintings were first made for his first major solo show in a New York at Leo Castelli Gallery in 1964. They were screenprinted images, overpainted with acrylic and fluorescent Day-Glo paint, originally copied from a series of photographs of hibiscus flowers he had come across in Modern Photography magazine. Castelli had been resisting showing Warhol's Disaster series, repeated images of violent deaths, which had been shown in Paris the year previous.

To use flowers as a motif was Warhol's cheeky response: the artist at pains to undermine their innate beauty and make these flowers, and the suite of screenprints from 1970, from which this set comes, as menacing as possible.


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