Innovative insurance solutions for heavy rainfall events

In recent years, heavy rain events have repeatedly led to extensive damage across Europe. These events can cause flooding, flash floods and backwater damage, and contrary to the consumers believe, they are often not covered by buildings and contents insurance.

There are now new solutions available to protect specifically against the consequences of these heavy rainfall events. Heavy rainfall insurance can be combined with buildings and contents insurance or offered on a stand-alone basis.

Parametric cover can also offer an alternative, providing simple and customer-centric product solutions. Or do you want to be a first mover and go for something completely new and innovative? We have some ideas and together solve problems with bespoke (insurance) products and services.

How can you offer heavy rain insurance? We can help you with product development:

  • Tailored to the individual needs of the customer
  • 100% online or integrated into your product landscape
  • Available as a traditional product or parametric cover
  • Support with pricing
  • Stand-alone product or part of existing buildings insurance

We work with our primary insurance partners to develop innovative products that are focussed entirely on the needs of the customer.