We’re pioneering new ways to tackle climate risks, driven by our superior R&D (featured in CatNet). We protect communities and businesses against the physical impact of climate change by underwriting even the most complex natural catastrophe risks. Underpinning this capability is our strong investment in R&D because superior research drives better underwriting and more powerful solutions.

By strengthening climate resilience and narrowing the protection gap with tech-/data-driven innovations, we help reach new segments of the market that were once deemed 'uninsurable' and open opportunities for insurers to tap new risk pools. ​

Special feature: Moving to a low carbon future

We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach net-zero by 2050. The re/insurance industry can help accelerate this transition.


Natural catastrophes

How can we be more resilient?

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Mitigating climate risk

The effects of climate change and global warming are already evident and are changing our risk landscape. A most urgent question we need to ask is not only how the insurance industry tackles climate change, but also how we can best adapt to a changing climate and build societal resilience against damaging natural catastrophes.

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Creating solutions for sustainability

Our re/insurance solutions help address key environmental and social challenges. We focus on our three 2030 Sustainability Ambitions: mitigating climate risk and advancing the energy transition; building societal resilience; and driving affordable insurance with digital solutions.


Shake vouchers

Fast, flexible and affordable insurance solutions providing a fast cash pay out to help earthquake victims attend to short-term needs

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Tropical cyclone parametric insurance

These swift disaster risk pay outs are independent of sustained property damage at the location and enable individuals and businesses to recover faster with loss of income cover in the event of a tropical cyclone.

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