Tropical cyclone parametric insurance

'Loss of income' covers for high risk areas

Swiss Re's parametric tropical cyclone insurance

A natural disaster strikes and the cost of relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts that follow place a major financial strain on individuals, businesses and governments.

Loss of income for high risk areas

We can assist with “loss of income” covers which combine business interruption and supplemental loss covers. For example, in the aftermath of a cyclone, beachfront hotels may experience losses due to cancellations even if they are not directly affected by the event.

Swift disaster risk pay outs

The policy pays out a lump sum if an event occurs within a predefined geographic area surrounding the insured property (e.g. within a 100 km radius of the hotel).

Recovering faster after a cyclone

These swift disaster risk pay outs are independent of sustained property damage at the location and enable individuals and businesses to recover faster in the event of a tropical cyclone.



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