COVID-19: lessons learned and the way forward at Swiss Re

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COVID-19: Lessons learned and the way forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken—and  continues to take—a heavy toll on individuals, families and entire countries dealing with the coronavirus. We continue to support clients and partners by paying covered losses and sharing our risk knowledge. Much has been learned during the past year, which we hope helps the global community as it manages through various phases of the crisis. It's one way we fulfill our vision of helping to make the world more resilient.​

The Delta variant: what we know so far

The Delta variant is behaving very differently than other COVID-19 variants. It causes different symptoms and is more transmissible. We must remain vigilant about the risks.


COVID-19: the path to recovery, resilience and sustainability

The Insurer interview with Paul Murray, Head Life & Health Products, Reinsurance


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