Structured solutions: Supporting your strategy

We understand the challenges in today's volatile and competitive market environment. Our global team offers highly tailored reinsurance and capital market solutions that fit with the risk and capital strategies of our clients. At Swiss Re, we have a proven track record in closing unique transactions that optimise our clients' balance sheets and portfolios.

How clients benefit from our solutions

Our clients use our value-added solutions for all non-life lines of business. These solutions are of benefit in the following ways:

  • help clients reach their strategic goals,
  • improve key performance indicators (e.g. safeguarding ROE or managing earnings volatility),
  • help with management of capital adequacy (e.g. solvency enhancement or rating capital relief)
  • support M&As (buyers and sellers), provide holistic covers to leverage diversification and to manage several risk positions on an integrated basis, and lastly in-force management of portfolios .

Locally embedded teams

Our organisational set-up reflects Swiss Re's unique engagement model with locally embedded teams and allows to offering expertise across prospective and retrospective reinsurance as well as ILS solutions.  We continue to deliver flexible and customised smaller solutions, as well as those that utilise our sizeable capacity and proven ability to innovate.

What we offer

Value propositions: These are designed to enhance efficiency of risk mitigation or capital management. They protect against volatility in net retention reinsurance, and complement corporate capital management. We also offer uniquely tailored solutions for specific client needs.

Retrospective solutions: These are customised solutions for the risks associated with your in- force property and casualty reserves. Swiss Re's Retrospective Solutions team use reinsurance, portfolio transfer or acquisitions to provide balance sheet relief, capital optimisation and operational efficiencies. We help protect your company from the risk of adverse reserve development, empowering your capital base to deliver results on your core business. In addition, some transactions include the transfer of operation giving a more holistic solution to your run off portfolios.