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Global Marine combines local access and knowledge with global expertise and experience.

We write both treaty and facultative, prop and non-prop reinsurance in the same team. Our product offering covers all major marine and energy offshore classes. Robust capital strength and close partnerships with clients allow our underwriters to offer innovative reinsurance and structured solutions. It's not by accident that Swiss Re is the number one marine reinsurer.

With offices in eight locations, we are a reliable partner to work and grow with.

Protecting the environment with green shipping

Today more than 90% of international trade is transported by merchant ships, leading to substantial CO2 emissions. We recognise that a diligent approach to environmental protection is key to responsible business and sustainable development. Consequently, we especially engage with and support companies that invest in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Our green shipping approach applies to vessels using Liquified Natural Gas, clean fuel or other technologies to transport cargo and passengers. Global Marine also supports clients with hull reinsurance as well as reinsurance cover for the construction of new ships powered by clean energy technologies.

For more information visit IMO or read this article.

Exploring new marine worlds

The marine re/insurance industry is ever-changing. At Swiss Re we have always embraced change as an opportunity. Technology is influencing the world at an unprecedented pace and with it, the global trade value chain.

The technological possibilities range from new kinds of ships to innovative digital ways to document transportation or automated processes when vessels come into port. New tech also creates new data sources for the marine transport industry.  This translates into immediate access to information and the possibility to use it with and for our clients. 

Data-driven tech, coupled with our team’s vast expertise in marine matters, mean we can be innovative in meeting client needs. Swiss Re is working on a number of initiatives to make use of new data sources such as sensors, tracking devices, (de)centralised platforms and public sources.

We strive to make the world more resilient by developing innovative solutions that help advance sustainable shipping solutions. In concert with our clients, we work on projects that not only make full use of their data, but also help them analyse and gain insights into their portfolios.

Our product range

Marine Reinsurance encompasses all covers associated with the transportation of goods, their means of transport, liability arising from maritime activity, and offshore energy. Construction of ships and offshore platforms is also handled within Marine.

Swiss Re provides reinsurance cover for the following marine lines:

Cargo: (transport of goods by air, land or sea) including species, jeweler's block, cash in transit and fine art, including exhibitions.

Hull: ranging  from small leisure craft and fishing vessels to very large tankers and cruise ships.

Marine liability:  any legal liability encountered by shipowners, freight forwarders, charterers, port authorities or warehouse operators. It also includes Protection & Indemnity (P&I) business.

Energy Offshore: covering  platforms, drill ships, supply vessels and subsea completions, including pipelines and storage facilities.


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