Solutions to address modifiable risks like type 2 diabetes

Can insurers play a role in improving society's health and slowing the explosion of diseases like type 2 diabetes?

We think so.

A chronic epidemic of non-communicable diseases is sweeping the world in growing proportions. Over 80% of all deaths due to non-communicable diseases are caused by four diseases: cardiovascular, cancers, respiratory illness and diabetes.  

And in most cases, these diseases can be changed or improved by risk factors that are within an individual's control – including personal choices around diet, exercise and lifestyle.

It is this opportunity to modify – or change one's personal risk – that we believe creates one of the most promising new opportunities for life and health insurers.  

Diabetes is a great place to begin

Type 2 diabetes touches almost 1 in 10 people and carries a global price tag of USD 1 trillion and growing. Diabetes also increases the risk of stroke or heart attack by more than 50%.   

What if we could help people get off medication, lose weight and even push the disease into remission or stop it before it starts? At Swiss Re, we are already bringing this to life by developing offerings that equip people to address their own risk factors in a way that also helps insurers increase customer engagement, attract new policyholders and strengthens existing portfolios.

Read more on one approach we're taking in partnership with Gro Health which includes integrating a personalised platform that is proving long-term change is possible for people suffering with pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other metabolic issues.

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