Award-winning service helps people back to wellbeing after cancer treatment

With a lifetime incidence of one in three, cancer touches the lives of many people. Although it remains a serious diagnosis, advances in early cancer detection and treatment have led to significant improvements in survival rates.

This is positive news, but has placed a spotlight on the challenges survivors face in returning to work after successful treatment.

In these struggles, Swiss Re saw an opportunity to create a rehabilitation solution that could help everyone involved – people affected by cancer, their employers and insurers. We teamed up with Working Towards Wellbeing, to develop a Cancer Work Support Service for the UK rehabilitation market. The service offers cancer survivors advice, specialised support, and access to a team of experts as needed. We introduced the service to our insurance clients in 2013. Since then, together we've helped over 400 claimants return to work and better health following treatment for cancer.

Watch the video to learn more about the service and how it helped Ade Dietz following her breast cancer diagnosis:

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