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Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Rapid urbanization, population growth and technological advancement fuel demand for resilient infrastructure, uninterrupted connectivity and reliable energy supply. Businesses and economies around the world are seeking innovative solutions to diminish our reliance on limited natural resources, while seeking to strengthen trade and cross-border connectivity to ensure a sustainable future. 

Enhanced building standards, new methods and technologies together with risk management may have reduced incidents. But infrastructure projects are getting bigger and more complex at the same time. Under this evolving risk landscape, what are the new and emerging risks that can shake our foundation for building a resilient future?

Join us at this two-day conference "Building A Resilient Future in Our Changing World" to learn how we can make the world more resilient together through innovative insurance solutions.  Take a deep dive with our experts across a broad spectrum of topics including engineering, casualty & liability, credit & surety and marine, and gain new insights on the healthy development of renewable energy portfolios.

We look forward to having you join us on the journey to build a resilient future in our changing world, together.