Expertise Publications

Expert analysis of risk topics in regional markets and the global re/insurance industry. Our Expertise Publications offer detailed focus on specific topics, and their impact in specific regions and countries.

Expertise Publications

Publication Mental health in Hong Kong: closing a protection gap

Publication Going digital: insights to optimise online insurance in Asia

Publication Short-term health insurance in China

Publication Healthy ageing in China: a major academic study by Peking University

Publication Habitat, water security and air quality: New index reveals which sectors and countries are at risk from biodiversity loss

Publication China cyber insurance

Publication Low interest rates: what they mean for insurers

Publication China's motor insurance reforms: a global view

Publication Impact of pandemics on the Chinese economy and insurance market

Publication Closing Asia's mortality protection gap

Publication Move! Physical activity and its effects on morbidity and mortality risk

Publication Expanding insurance protection for China's urban residents

Publication 15 years after Katrina: Would we be prepared today?

Publication Mobility ecosystems: striving towards a seamless interface for customers

Publication Empowering Africa

Publication Chinese non-life personal lines – consumer perspectives

Publication Re/insurance in the Middle East and Pakistan: annual outlook and review (2019)

Publication Rural Revitalization: extending the reach of insurance across China's rural areas

Publication Health ecosystems: striving towards an integrated and seamless patient experience

Publication Medical insurance in the Greater Bay Area

Publication The motor protection gap in Latin America

Publication Why gender equality matters for insurance

Publication Digital ecosystems: extending the boundaries of value creation in insurance

Publication Belt and Road Initiative -1H2020

Publication Wildfire in Canada: fostering resilience through advances in modelling

sigma research

Our data driven research publications, including the industry leading sigma, enable risk focussed decision making and identify strategic opportunities in the re/insurance industry.