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About the event

A landmark series of articles in The BMJ.
A landmark conference hosted by Swiss Re Institute.

What should we eat in order to stay healthy and avoid disease? Nutrition is one of the biggest drivers of chronic diseases, yet the answer to this seemingly simple question remains a subject of heated debate as the evidence base for dietary advice is beset with poor quality science and unresolved controversy.

In 2018, The BMJ and Swiss Re Institute worked together to publish a landmark series of articles on the science and politics of nutrition that brought together authors of different backgrounds and perspectives to help make sense of the state of current knowledge and understand the extent and implications of potential disagreements between experts. The series was launched at a meeting in Zurich in June 2018.

Building on the success of the series, The BMJ and Swiss Re Institute are once again partnering to explore how nutrition can lead to better health outcomes and greater societal resilience against disease. A series of articles will be published in June 2020, these will be the focus of our conference. We will bring together some of the world’s most thoughtful and influential voices in nutrition and health to discuss the biggest challenges in the field, review progress since Food for Thought 2018, and set the agenda for future research and policy.  

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join nutritional researchers and interact with leading experts in the fields of medicine, academia and public policy.