Meschac Gaba


*1961 in Cotonou, Benin
Lives in
Cotonou and Rotterdam
Works with
Mixed media

Art is very much about the politics of representation. Who is picturing  whom? And what do all the images and artworks represent?

In his work, Meschac Gaba is deeply concerned with these questions.Often, Gaba's work deals with the problems of representing contemporary African art in a Western context. He tackles the exchange between the two continents of Europe and Africa in multifaceted ways and does not shy away from addressing issues of exploitation, be it political, symbolical  or economical.

In the late 1990s he conceived his so-called "Museum of Contemporary African Art", a travelling art work-cum-museum. After visiting European museums, Gaba realised that he has to create his own museum, if he wants his artwork to be properly exhibited, because the traditional western museum could not provide a fitting environment. "I needed a space for my work, because this did not exist," he said.

Artworks by Meschac Gaba