Matt Mullican


*1951 in Santa Monica (California), USA
Lives in
New York and Berlin
Works with
Drawing, painting, sculpture, video, electronic media and installation

Since the beginning of the 1970s, Matt Mullican has used his artistic studies to explore the meaning of life. His work, which he creates using his own system of symbols, attempts to tackle the question of the structure of the world and document every aspect of it. The result is a subjective cosmology that also encompasses the imperceptible – aspects of the world that can only be perceived in a state of trance or hypnosis.

Mullican captures these aspects by performing while in a state of hypnosis, documenting the performances in photo series and displaying them in the gallery. This model is based on a cartographic structure combined with colour symbolism and a system of symbols.

The artist uses as many different types of media as possible, such as drawings, photographs, photo assemblage, flags, sculptures and lightboxes, as well as videos, graphic artwork and large-scale installations.